Vegan Activism: Fight the Fight of Righteousness!

Hello Everyone! Today I will talk about a topic I have been thinking about a while now and that I think is pretty much important. Being ...

Hello Everyone!

Today I will talk about a topic I have been thinking about a while now and that I think is pretty much important. Being vegan it doesn't seem to be enough to me anymore to just eat healthy, organic vegan foods and I want to get in the field and actively fight for animal rights. 
I want to give my fair share to stop the cruelty and make the world a better place as much as I can. I am a vegan for ethnical reasons not for diet and health reason only. Yes I slithered into veganism to recover but somewhere along the way I informed myself, watched the recommended documentaries and read the books. I developed passion, a passion I never thought would be possible to rise within me and I want to fight. 
I want to fight the fight of righteousness
In my following post I will talk about how YOU can get active as well, give ideas and make possibilities visible so YOU can help as well and maybe raise awareness as well to be at least more thoughtful with our environment.

Tip One: Minimalism 
You don't have to move mountain, little things do their good as well. 

- Clothing like Shirts
- Stickers
- Buttons
- Jewelry 
- Bumper Stickers 

All this can be found at various vegan online stores! 
I for myself designed this jumper myself and have ordered various buttons I put on my pencil cases, jackets and bags. 

Tip Two: Surround yourself with like- minded people

Look out for local animal right groups within the near reach of your home town. Contact them and attend their (mostly monthly) meetings, help organize demos, attend demos, make commercial, cook together, get in contact with those people that have the same passion as you do. This reminds you what you do it for, you have fun with it, there are people that understand and feel the same! 

Tip Three: Get Active Online

This is something I am planning to do. I contacted two organizations and offered to answer ask mails and handle the social media accounts.
There are more options of what you can if you don't have an animal rights group in your area: 

- make flyers for upcoming events
- help to organize such events 
- work on the homepage/ app of he organization
- send out invites 
- answer mails politely 
- give shout outs via social media

You see there are many options you can actually help animals and to stop the cruelty. If you decide to help, be active as well, do it! Either with little things or major. It doesn't matter because every person counts. YOU are important because with every single one of you, we grow and become our own society, raise more souls, change more minds into awareness. 

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