#Vegan WIAT - Holiday Version

Hello Everyone! This week was a little more different. I was acually in the holidays with my sister and stepdad and not as flexib...

Hello Everyone!

This week was a little more different. I was acually in the holidays with my sister and stepdad and not as flexible as I am at home. Nevertheless, I was able to still prepare a what I ate post for you this week. Let me tell you, it has been an interesting week being vegan away from home for longer than a couple of days and then being in a little down without a shop at all, one tiny tiny restaurant and nothing more but the things I brought with me.
Personally, as it was my first time, it has been a challenge that I am so glad to have taken.


I was a lucky little star and as I looked in the cupboards there was a full package of oats. As I only brought yoghurts with me I and some fruit for breakfast I mixed it with the oats I know it looks yuk but do oats look great in any way? Anyways they taste good. I mixed a huge bowl with the vanilla soy yoghurt and added some sugar and it was great. Heavenly, easy, quick , cheap and filling.

Snack 1

are important as it gets the metabolism going and speeds it up in fact. I cut up some pepper bell, half a leftover cucumber from the salad the night before and my usualy beloved zuccini. I absolutely love cut vegetables. You can nibble on them, talk to people and since it is a snack I mostly sit next in front of the PC and watch some YouTube videos. #reallife.


Now for this meal I have something that I make myself regulary for the last months but never did for random reasons.
Vegan soy made chicken meat. I am not the one who likes meat, never did even before becoming vegetarian. However, if I ordered a salad in restaurants I always had caesar salad. I dislike greek salad as I think it is oily. Italian salad is alright but doesnt fill me up alright. And in a normal lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber salad is simply too plain even though I already do like the plain salads. I used to love those salads with some protein in there and a creamy dressing.
Now, after almost one and a half year after becoming vegan I have finally found a way to enjoy my little pleassures in life.
This vegan meat tastes way better (and I think of so, so many vegan thinks like cheese especially that way). I dont really remember the taste of chicken since its been almost 5 years since I've eaten it the laste time but with this „meat“ it is just amazing, much more than five years ago I believe!

So I had my usualy soy (chicken) meat salad mixed with a newly discovered dressing.

Snack 2

For my second snack time I had another bowl of cut up veg. This time around tomatoes and a whole kohlrabi. I also had an entire can of camomille tea. I always forget to write this but I drink a lot. On weekends and holidays even more so than on a normal school day. I drink between 3-4 litres a day and could not live without that amount. Infact, I feel immediately shitty if I miss out on water. It is amazing how the body gets used to some things and as soon as it cant it makes the lack of that certain something recognizable and one non- functional.


I had dinner in two episodes. For the first entry I had some cauliflower that I dipped in soy creme and some carrots (they are awesome!) and a few hours later (past the normal bed time) I got incredibly hungry again and had a little night dinner time with my sister and cooked up some broccoli, mushrooms and brussel sprouts that I had just plain.

Now this is what my whole week basically looked like. Luckily my stepdad drove my sister and me every second day do a grocery store where we stocked up on vegetables as the store was a few miles away.

 I had a good week, no internet, just quietness and time for myself and time to recharge. Always forogt how it is to just be and wake up without stress and things that need to get done.  

Bye ! :) 

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