What I eat in a day - #Vegan Chips

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my latest What I eat in the day post and without further ado I will jump right into the post beginning ...

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to my latest What I eat in the day post and without further ado I will jump right into the post beginning with: 


A handful of grapes as I just have them when I run out of the house in the morning. My latest morning routine leaves me with no time but also I have no I sea what I am really doing for one hour before I head out. It is very weird. Nevertheless I manage to have the grapes and I love them. My favorite kind are the red globe grapes and they are in the stores lately which makes me very happy

Snack 1:

Of course grapes aren't very filling and I also grabbed a banana that I ate in my first break in school. I have a love hate relationship with bananas but lately I felt like having a banana and eating one everyday now again. They are just great.


Half of what was left of my pre- cooked veggies for lunch. I had some broccoli and cauliflower steamed as well as brussel sprouts and I already are all the carrots before I took the photo. 

Snack: 2

I had some of my favorite veggies mushrooms for a snack. Yes it has come to a point where I just randomly snack on them. It must be true love. Also I had some nuts, raisons and dates for an energy boost and to satisfy my sweet tooth. Very surprising that they have the same effect as chocolate did before I went vegan but on another thought, it is actually not surprising at all. 


This guys was a the best thing I have ever made! So delicious that I want to eat it for the rest of my days. Seriously I had a foodgasm. I posted the recipe here. It was also so simple and quick (as almost all of my cooking recipes) It was just amazing. 
It is a cauliflower just drizzled with oil and herbs chucked in the oven for a couple of minutes. By the way I ate more than the cut out bit. It must have been a portion of 3/4 of the entire head. I made another cauliflower the other day... :)

Movie time:

At the moment we have "Germanys next Topmodel" running so this is what I am doing every thursday night. I was at the shops before and found this new in stock vegan lentil chips. I usually dislike chips but I was very intrigued as well as positively surprised by the thoughtfulness of the grocery shop to widen up the vegan shelf and storage with a huge variety of vegan products. This is what I took from it and I have to say they were great. Not too spicy or seasoned too much but wonderfully crunchy and light. I had a bowl of them and saved the rest for later the next week. I am a fan now.

I hope you liked the diary and I will see you next time! 

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