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Hello Everyone! I have something DIY prepared for you today. I was really excited making them especially because I love to just s...

Hello Everyone!

I have something DIY prepared for you today. I was really excited making them especially because I love to just simply homemade things myself. Not only are they a lot cheaper but better for the environment as well (in most cases). Also, for this case, they make a lovely, thoughtful and personal present. I gave mine away for Easter. For everyone who cannot guess it from the photo, I made vegan lip balm at home in just 30 minutes. Lets get to the recipe so you can be a little lip balm creator yourself ! 

Vegan Lip Balm Recipe
(3 parts oil to 1 part wax- I’ve used a tablespoon here for simplicity)
What You’ll Need (makes ~10-12 balms):

1 double boiler (a pot within a pot), or similar contraption
1 glass measuring cup, with spout
1 Tablespoon plant-derived wax (soy, carnauba, candelilla, etc.)
3 Tablespoon organic, unrefined oil (I like to use 2 Tablespoons of virgin coconut oil + 1 Tablespoon hemp seed oil)
10-20 drops organic essential oils (mint and citrus work well in lip balms, but go crazy  and use whatever makes you smile!)

First things you want to is to slowly melt your wax in a double boiler.

As soon as your wax is all liquid add the coconut oil step by step. 

Once everything is mixed together remove the bowl from the heat and add the essential oil. You can use any flavor you prefer. I chose cherry because we are having summer very soon and i find it the most fitting. 

"Mint can make a fresh, clean feeling lip balm, while herbal oils such as lavender and chamomile can add a more relaxing element. Using the knowledge of aromatherapy, you can create whatever scent (and vibe) you like, just be sure to check the properties of the oils you use to be sure they don’t contain compounds that may cause photosensitivity (such as bergapten in bergamot) or that aren’t recommended for use during pregnancy (if you’re expecting, that is)."

After a good stir you can place the product into tubes or little jars. Wait for about 4 hours or a couple more to let everything set.

This is my final product whilst cooling down and I am so happy and proud to actually have made a beauty product myself. It's always something that seems so unreal or unimaginable. It also makes me think what else I can produce myself at home. There are definitely things I want to make like bath bombs or body lotion or bathing salt, etc. I can only repeat that it not only saves money but also cleaner and healthier for our nature and only produces positives as there is less packaging and natural ingredients that are all organic. 
If you have the time and lust I can just recommend making these and I promise you will be just as proud. 

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