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So today I was thinking to write about something personal. After all this blog is about everything that is in my mind. Currently it is the...

So today I was thinking to write about something personal. After all this blog is about everything that is in my mind.

Currently it is the last week of school and we have project week. People that read my tumblr might know a bit more. I am in the yoga/ stress release group. So we start early working on theory stuff, talking about stress etc and then do some exercise to get energy again. And today we were lying in the gras and just listening to the nature. This first sounded really weird to me but I got lost in good thought which turned into complete nothing. And this is good because I am always such a stress case about literally everything. My days have to be structured and if something goes out of plan my day's pretty much ruined. Simply I worry too much about unimportant stuff and don't do things I might enjoy more.
Today so as we did this exercise I felt so free and so good. A bit sleepy after but then just really good because it was almost like this 10 minute power naps. And now I am not tired, in fact I still have a bit planned and with those exercises we are learning the days seem to be manageable.

I just feel really good today and generally since february I am a whole different person. A better person, more positive.

Well soon the holidays start and I need to find some things to do. I am a bit scared that I will waste them by staying in bed all the time and as I said I want to start dating again. I am sure that a year of not being interested in anyone is enough.. I finally feel ready for something new again without hurting someone else.
Sometimes I wonder if we (younger generations people) will find true love. If it exists.. Like we spend all our 20's (some start even earlier) partying, dating, flirting with everyone and anyone and in the end we might even marry a guy but nothing lasts. Why? It's just so sad, why waste all those years then or why dumb people because we think they won't fit because of some habits or different hobbies or whatever if we haven't tried to make things work? Maybe because we don't even know who we are or what we like..
Alright this is going way deeper than I intended it to be.

I know have some photos for you guys.

This is me and my brother/ best friend at his prom at the after party. Me in my cheap little dress. A couple of weeks ago I thought I wouldn't make it because I had really bad social anxiety yet I had so much fun! 

Second, here are the pictures my friend took after we went for a coffee on sunday. I thought it'd be a really good opportunity to simply link the items that are the best from my chilly sunday outfit which are here the loafers. I got them in like January at H&M and they have them in stock right now again. They are 35 Euros and very comfy yet fancy as well. Plus they make you about 2 cm taller ;) 
I always wear them to casual outfits, like a leggins or boyfriend jeans to just make it an eye catcher.

And last this lovely blue bag. I just bored it because I thought I might like it, turns out I actually do like it so I kept it. I am able to put a lot of things I need/ not need in there and separate them as well. I put smaller things in the front bag like my phone so it won't touch or scratch or keys so I'll find them and other stuff like sunglasses, a book, pens, money bag in the bigger part of the bag.
I also got it from H&M, they don't have it in the online shop right now I believe but I saw it yesterday in the actual shop in my town in the sales department. So if you are lucky and want it, it might still be there. I love the colour and the cut it's so 50's or something  :D

Okay this is it from me for today, I thing in the next couple of post I will do some summer outfits of the days and not so much ramble. I hope you enjoyed reading, I needed this first part of the post to free my mind. I hope you all will have or had a wonderful day xxx

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