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Last week Mum and I had a lazy sunday evening and so it happened that both of us were bored enough to see what our favorite online shops ha...

Last week Mum and I had a lazy sunday evening and so it happened that both of us were bored enough to see what our favorite online shops had to offer us this aw season as well we wanted to get some nice pieces on sale (better late to the party than never ;) ) 

And this is what this mood brought me: 

This really nice Kimono dress. It seems to be kind of silky and it's my favorite piece out of the whole haul. I just love it. 
60,00 Euros

For school I prefer very "easy" and simple clothes. Just like this dress with a elastic fabric on the belly section that works partly as a belt as well as devices it into the white top and dark blue bottom. 
For  20,00 Euros totally worth buying.

As I am looking for some more jumpers and tops, blouses, etc I stumbled across this very light rosé jumper which cost 20,00 Euros as well. It has a little bow on the left shoulder which makes an unspectacular jumper look much more interesting as well as elegant.

Leopard print has a come back this season as I recognized so I also put this cardigan in the basket. Against my thought that it would rub and be itchy it really isn't and I am very positive surprised because I will actually wear it more than once or twice. 25,00 Euros.

This item I found in the sales department and I have fallen in love. It makes one look thinner and fits itself onto the person as the material is very elastic. A simple black skirt is a must have and I ain't regret buying it, especially for the 15 Euros it spent on it. 

I need new jeans. I only  have one actual jeans which is light blue so I thought I could not go wrong with a regular dark blue jeans. it full files it purpose for me. It was also on sale for 15 Euros.

This dress we have in wine red and black and also took the basic version without the decorative back which goes to the middle of the back. 
It is a simple basic dress with a worked in elastic belt around the belly section again, couldn't do anything wrong by it. All of those dresses cost 20,00 Euros each.

This blouse was exactly what I was looking for. Also very simple again in a grayish kaki, satin colour with a very soft almost silky material and it is knotted, looking like a little waterfall on the left shoulder which makes the whole item a tiny bit more exciting. I absolutely love it and can't wait to wear it! 
I found it on sale for only just 10 Euros.

And the last is a very light, thin cardigan with a bow in the front with a bird print on it. It's white, not very exciting or anything special but it works for my "new" civilized appearance for the next year of school. This cost about 25,00 Euros. 

I hope you enjoyed! XXX C

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