3 Back To School Hair Styles

Hello Everyone. I know it's taken me some time to put these together but I needed some try out time on which actually are the three h...

Hello Everyone. I know it's taken me some time to put these together but I needed some try out time on which actually are the three hair styles I can manage to do within a couple of minutes. 

My mornings, if really bad, go like this: 7.00am my alarm tells me "oi nigga you gotta get out of bed" by this I directly role into the bathroom and brush my teeth like mental and have a 1 minute speeding shower. Then I luckily just have to put on the clothes I sorted the night before and do my emergency make up routine. It only takes me 5 minutes to this point but then it happens, I will also have overcome the shock of having slept in and get tired again so I will need a coffee and by the time I have had my coffee I have got to go. So pretty much I got everything done but my hair and I always, always will leave the house with out of bed hair. 

Knowing this I have taught myself to do my hair whilst I am walking through the class room door, and here are the top 3 "Hair Styles" I can pull out off:

Today, my sister had to help me as she has the most beautiful, thick and golden hair you have ever seen and also she felt honored and so happy to be helping me on this on. 
1. The Top Knot. Basically I put my hair into a pony tail and then spiral it into a knot and fix it with some bobby pins. Now it will look really and need because of the no-mirror-situation and I fix this with a simple hair band I got at H&M for 5 € so the ends are well hidden and it still looks passable.


With this Hair Style I just pull back the front of my hair and push it a bit up so I it looks like there is a bit of volume there and fix it on the back with bobby pins once again. To hide all 3 of them I have my little bow clip, also from H&M for 4€. And then if I am lucky I find one of my pearl pins as well and just clip them into the side.


And this one is actually my favorite and I pretty much do the exact same as before but I have my hair band as well which I pull over my forehead after I fixed the back with bobby pins. I then just pull a bit of hair out of the band to contour my face and make the whole thing look a bit more chilly and this is it.

Yes so pretty much all you need are 3 bobby pins (+2 in case you loose one or two- which happens like all the time) and some little accessories like a bow bin, a simple hair band or a flower and you are ready to rule in just under a minute. Totally effortless and quick and you actually can sleep in!

I really hope you liked it, let me know what you thought and what you do when you sleep in!
Have a lovely day,


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