Emergency make up routine

Good morning lovelies, I don't know if it's just me but taken a normal working week, how many days do you actually sleep in or wak...

Good morning lovelies,

I don't know if it's just me but taken a normal working week, how many days do you actually sleep in or wake up at your normal time? Well with me this school year it's very complicated. I slept in all 5 days of last week. I hit the goal. But and here it comes I made it every single day right on time still looking normal and passable.

Over the time I have invented a little "emergency make up routine" for times like this.
And this I want to show you today. I hope you enjoy.

Okay this is how I look like in the mornings... pale and spotty. 
I then have collected all the make- up that I need to look like I do when I step out the door. 

I first need my Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 120 as well as my make up, same brand, same shade and the fitting concealer in shade 10. 

After that I have my bronzer from Artdeco (limited addition unfortunately) I put it on the very outer side of my cheeks to contour my face as well as on the sides of my forehead. I then move on to rouge where I use one I did a review about. I put that directly on my cheeks while smiling at myself :D, what we all do to look fresh. 
When this is done I brush over the highlighter from Artdeco and put some glow on my forehead, nose and chin as well as around the rough and bronzer to soften the edges. 

Really all you can do is an eyeliner when being late, if you even bother. Artdeco invented this pen and fitting tins in every colour imaginable. You just put it in the tin and make you little eyeliner and your done. 10 seconds - and puff, your done. Eyelashes of course, at the moment I use my golden Artdeco mascara from the Dita Van Teese Limited Edition which I love to the moon and back.

And last but very important as it's the thing on this fast and very easy "tutorial" The lipstick. I always go for darker, red or berry colours and more than often I chose this one because it actually stays all day and I do not need to redo it after an hour. Also the white lip balsam hydrates my lips and makes me feel comfortable wearing lipstick because it makes me feel like I actually wear lip balsam. It only tastes very chemical but I don't mind in this case. 

And this is the finished look. 

What do you think? 

All right this has been it. It's really simple and you can redo it with any kind of make up, foundation and brand you use and like. Plus I think I look fresh and awake with almost no spots and still have a contoured face and an eye- catcher that will lead attention to something much more exciting than baggy eyes.
It's really just all you need.

Okay everyone, if you like, tell me how you do your make up if you sleep in. Always need tips on it!

Have a lovely day


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