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Hello Everyone,  I put all my outfits of the week together for you again as you seemed to like this kind of post last week. I hope ...

Hello Everyone, 

I put all my outfits of the week together for you again as you seemed to like this kind of post last week. I hope you enjoy!
PS: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I slept in and forgot to take the photo but on friday I learnt and still managed to shoot the pic before leaving even with sleeping in ;D So please excuse that you cannot see how they looked on me. Have fun! 

Monday: The dress is from ASOS and I love it. It has pockets which are useful and it's covered in red and pink roses all over. It's rather a cocktail or business dress and I have fallen in love with it.

I accessorized with a pear necklace, bracelet and earrings and wore my caramel brown H&M shoes with it as well as my black Mango messenger bag.

Tuesday: I wanted to be a student again so I wanted to wear a kind of school uniform. I bought the skirt from ASOS as well as it reminded me of the one I had in Australia. The white blouse is from me mothers closet and it seemed vintage but fitting to the lose school uniform outfit I wanted. Then I have my all time favorite jumper from my man and my navy blue plateau boots from H&M as well as my the black shopping bag.

Wednesday: I went to mothers closet again and found a beautiful snake printed grey dress from Mango with volant fabric. It is complimenting my legs a lot and with this I wore a dark green blazer from H&M and my flower diamond necklace and the dark   blue plateau boots with the black messenger back.

Thursday: This day had been a "comfortable day" I had an appointment which acquired casualty so I went with a pair of dark blue jeans a white top with a white cardigan with a decorating bow at the front. I also wore the caramel plateau boots and a blue shopping bag from ASOS which I adore because I can pretty much put my room in there it swallows this much.

Friday: As I said my week got worse and everyday I had less time to get ready in the morning so I have a 10 minute outfit here which consists out of my beige oversized ZARA jumper and short leather pants with the blue plateau boos and the black messenger back. Very plain.

Saturday: Today was probably the last summer day so I went for my daisy hippie outfit, pants and crop top both from ASOS and my daisy flower earrings from H&M. The pants are so soft and comfy, I'm really loving them a lot. Perfect outfit- sugar :)

And that black, little person  beside is my mother haha

I hope you still enjoyed and that you have a beautiful weekend!


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