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Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my Taggy Tuesday.  I have found a post the other day which was called "Four Pictures that made me ...

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to my Taggy Tuesday. 
I have found a post the other day which was called "Four Pictures that made me smile" but I haven't save it and cannot remember who wrote it. I liked the idea a lot though and thought I would want to do a similar post and sell it as a Tag. 

The idea is that you find four photos that you like and say a bit about it as to why it makes you smile. The photos can be of your own content or found on Pinterest/ Tumblr, etc.. 

I will Tag everyone who wants to write about them photos as well as well as I would be so happy if you could leave a comment your link below so I can read them. 
And here we go: 

Picture one: This is one of my most recent pictures. I like it because this is a photo in which I finally, truly laugh and not pretend in a very long time. Also because in the middle is a little hottie and because one of my good friends is in it as well. 
The photo was only taken recently, last friday in Berlin and I had a really great time which we can see. 

This picture I got from Tumblr the other day but I have tumbled across it several times by now. I really love this one because of the lace skirt and the big jumper. I personally like to wear this kind of style and think it is a fitting outfit for autumn. 
I like this photo so much that I printed it out and out it on my wall until I found fitting dubes to it as well. 

Third photo is a drawing which I also found on tumblr. It's a drawing in water colouring and I like that it is so detailed and fragile looking. The person who made this drawing really does have some talent and I hope that one day he or she will get more known so we all can enjoy some more of these wonderful pieces of work! 
I envie that talent. 

Last but not least. A picture of different women out of the fashion branch sitting in the front row at a fashion show. I don't know but I like the thought of this picture and it shows the competitive as well as beautiful side of the fashion industry. Imagine you sat in-between all of those beautiful elves.. it would be a wow- moment. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, I had a lot of fun writing it. Chosing the photos was hard, because there are more pictures out there that I like but putting only four of them in a post was kind of hard. But I made it :) 

Have a lovely day and I would be really happy if you would compose a post like this and let me know. 

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