Zara Haul

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my Zara Haul. Many things I will show you here you might have seen in my Outfit Of The Week posts of the ...

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to my Zara Haul.
Many things I will show you here you might have seen in my Outfit Of The Week posts of the past weeks, some you will see soon. 
But to show you the whole content of the disaster I decided to compose a post on it as well. 

You may know or not that I have been to Portugal with my little family and that we have spend our time shopping. One of those shops was Zara, for me the one where I bought the most. 

I have a thing for red this season so I bought a red blouse and the fitting skirt in a floral/ zebra print in bouclé. This two pieces are my favorites out of everything as it is so elegant and gives me some more colour in my closet (which has been a little project of mine this year) 

I then also found a furry clutch in pink! How amazing is this. I keep on patting it, treating it as a pet. This is how far it has become already. It is really bag and it seems as if you can put your whole closet in there. It feels good wearing it for sure and is a definite eye catcher. You might not wear anything else. 

I then bought a wine red regular pair of jeans which I will combine with a black or white basic shirt and wear it with my new fur vest from Stradivarius. This picture seems really good in my head. Let's find out on monday how it will work out! 

I also purchased a kind of oriental skirts which you can see in the middle of the photo. Normally it is baggy but in a thick texture so fittingly autumn themed. 
I actually thought I would be able to wear the beige long sleeved shirt with it but turned out this has the length of a dress but as an asymmetrical cut so you will need a basic black skirt or some leggins. I like it anyways because it has a v- neck and falls really good as it is tightly shaped. 

Last but not less precious, the white long sleeve shirt I wore already with a playful golden neck line and a skirt out of short black hair. The shirt feel and looks like a horse? But satin like if I had to describe it. It is tight on you waist line and builds like a tend as we go down to the bottom so you have a bit of a sixties look. 

Altogether I thought I might not get anything in Zara as I looked the clothes up at the online store before but as an end result I have to say that I really, really loved the fall collection and there were more nice pieces. 
I am extremely happy with everything I bought and I hope you had fun reading and that I could give you some outfit ideas. 

I wish all of you lovelies a good day XXX C 

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