3 -Course Vegan Christmas Dinner

Hello Everyone!  I wanted to quickly how you what we had for Christmas Dinner! This is my second year doing all the Christmas stuff b...

Hello Everyone! 

I wanted to quickly how you what we had for Christmas Dinner! This is my second year doing all the Christmas stuff by myself, my first year cooking vegan and I must say it all went down really smooth, I learnt a lot from last year and it was super easy this time.

For the dinner I got inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest. As I read the recipe I was surprised how easy it sounded and got inspired to create something similar myself. I had to adjust and change the recipe a little bit because of different tastes of my family and because of me knowing what they will eat and what not. 
Anyways I got this picture from this Blog, you will find the original recipe on there if your interested in cooking something vegan. It's not necessarily for Christmas, there is roast time every sunday right?! 


 My entry was our Cranberry Salad we always make which consists basically out of lettuce (which ever one you like) 500 grams of tomatoes and a whole cucumber. You will get a huge bowl out of this. I then something add quinoa but this time I didn't because our main dish would be heavy enough and this was supposed to be a light salad. For the dressing I used herbs like oregano, pepper, some pepperoni and sea salt to spice it up a little bit and added Cranberries and some salad seeds. 

Main Dish: 

This recipe I got from the same blog and it is called a Vegan Fettucine Alfredo. You will find the recipe on here 
This is something so easy and exceptionally yummy, nobody believed me I only stood an hour in the kitchen to prepare everything and if you are already vegan you can even do this from scratch! If not you will need some garlic, garlic and onion powered, pepper, salt, soy milk, coconut oil, some fettucine, a small cauliflower and water. 
Just cook the cauliflower and when dense put it in a blender together with all the herbs and the milk and water, then mix for about a minute until you get a sauce kind of thicker but still liquid. Not too runny though. Now put the  cut garlic with come coconut oil in a pan an fry it for a bit until it still looks like garlic but isn't brown yet. Afterwards put the garlic in the blender as well and mix again, ready. 
While mixing you can cook the noodles. Therefore boil water and put the noodles in the pot. Cook on medium for about 10 minutes. 
When the noodles are finished and you have the sauce put everything in a big pan, mix and fry for another 5 minutes. Done! 
Note: To make the sauce a bit more taste use one or two spoons of vegan butter.

That dish tasted amazing, especially because it was something different to the usual sauces you have with noodles or a duck/ rabbit we had all the other years before. It also made me as a vegan earthling happy to be able to eat the same dinner as my family! I can promise you that you won't notice the difference, the garlic taste gives the special note and the cauli flower replaces the cheese really well. 


Finally a really, really nutritious dessert you won't need your oven for! A Raw Vegan Apple Pie
For the ground you will need a cup of dates, half a cup of almonds and half a cup of coconut (shredded and dried) put all this into you food processor and let it process. Done. 
Then put all the dough into a baking pan and knead and spread it all out until the whole pan is covered. 

For the filling you need a cup of dates again and another half a cup of figs, half a cup of water. and about 6 small apples or three big ones.
Now put the dates, figs and the water in a blender and mix while you are cutting the apples. Spice the filling with some nutmeg and cinnamon powder and when mixed and add the filling into your cut apples and this mixture into your baking pan. Put it into the fridge over the night and ready! 

I really liked the dishes, they were simply to make and all vegan. Even my non- vegan family enjoyed it and all in all I hope one of you might try it out as well! 

Also I hope you liked it and I could inspire you to try something new! 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 


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