Our New Family Christmas Traditions & Gifts

Hello Everyone!  After I showed you my Christmas Dinner, I want to show you the rest of our Christmas Days as well.  First of I wis...

Hello Everyone! 

After I showed you my Christmas Dinner, I want to show you the rest of our Christmas Days as well. 

First of I wish all of you a very merry Christmas, I hope Santa was extra nice to you and brought you something lovely and filled you stocking with a lot of Chocolates! 

This is our Christmas tee, one I am really proud of! We decorated in brown/ bronze and gold this year which suits our living room really well and keeps it all very neutral to other years where the decoration was red..

One the 24.12.2014


A little bit closer you can see our drunken candles which are LED candles you slip on the twigs. Our balls go from glittery to steel and matte ones and from big over middle and tiny ones. We then also used "angel hair" really thin gold and curled lines of tinsel which looks really dreamy and gives a magical vibe to it. I love the tree! On the top we have a golden start with perals

These are our stockings the night before! From left to right it mine, my sisters, Mum's boyfriend and Mums. 
All lined up and waiting to be filled. 

We do all the last minute decoration like putting up the stocking and tree one or two days before Christmas Eve. I do not know why but it has always been like that. Probably because then it's holiday time and we can all do it together as a family. 
One these days we also do the cooking, which I posted about earlier today. 

On that evening we do not go to Church but we sit together as a family and play games and talk, have the family dinner of course and watch movies. This year we watched Love Actually, which was a first for my mother and my sister. Later that night my Mothers boyfriend finally arrived and we got introduced. This was a first for me and my sister because he is "the new man". But he is nice.

One the 25.12.2014

The first one to wake up was my sister who woke up the rest. After a cup of coffee we all gathered around the tree and unpacked the presents.

Of course, how could it be different, the stockings where full of chocolates, sweets and treats.

These were me Christmas presents and I also got winter weals for my car which were the main present :) I then got a lot of chocolate, a self made candle by my sister a lot of cards for the movies from my aunty, a 10th pack of smokes from my Mum (which I thought was really, really cute) and a book about fashion PR, to learn more about the job I want to study and work in when I am finished with school.

Out of all the presents I got this was one of the best. It's a little owl where you have to "rip" the wings apart to se a watch. You can clip it anywhere you like, like on your keys or pants to make a pocket watch out of it. I love it, so delicate.

My second favorite present is this new coffee cup made by my sister. So lovely, so personal and cute, I never want to miss it and it means so much to me! What a little Cutie she is.. :) 

Even our dog got some as you might know from my LHOTY post last week, and she was very excited to be part of this. So much so she wouldn't sit still! 

And in the end she was so happy about her new little jumper! On her first walk she wasn't shaking anymore and was proudly walking around to show it of! Very cute.

Here she is with my sister and in her beloved jumper.

Almost forgot but on Christmas Eve we to each other something new and cosy. This year it shall be a bathing robe. Everyone gave one to another which means I gave my Mum something, my Mum her boyfriend, he my Mum and I gave something my sister. 
In the end I got a new white fluffily bathing robe, my Mum the same in red, her boyfriend the same in grey and my sister one for young adults in light yellow with colourful dots on it. 

Later that day we all went to the movies and out for dinner in the evening, finishing the day with a little music, reading and being together. 
Today everyone is rather for themselves, I am "working" on my blog and clean.

All in all we had a beautiful Christmas full of new traditions and with new experiences. 

How was your Christmas and what did you get? I wish you all a merry Christmas again! 


one the 26.12.14

SNOW!! It really was snowing for the first time this year! We almost never have snow around Christmas. SO beautiful, we have got more by now (evening) as today morning. 
So it can melt by tomorrow, for this year we do know snow still exists, thank you. 

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