LHOTY: Christmas H&M and ASOS Haul!

Hello Everyone!  just clearing up.. LHOTY: "Last Haul Of The Year I could not resist and did it again. Well you know I only li...

Hello Everyone! 

just clearing up..
LHOTY: "Last Haul Of The Year
I could not resist and did it again. Well you know I only live once and maybe I thought I will regret it. At last when I see someone walk be me with one of these beauties and then I'll be biting my ass.. Anyways all this happened because I still needed something for my dog. I wanted a cute little jumper and I found one (pic5) as well as other things.


Alright starting from the top picture one to three I have bought a nice red Christmas jumper which will be reviewed in my Christmas outfit post. It is a lovely red jumper with a white collar and a festive print.
Second item is another jacket. A white wool coat for our icy winter. I have bought quite some jackets this year but this one I hope will save me in those -20 degrees months that surely are coming. 
Third picture are some white and red Christmas socks! Because one needs warm feet and one needs to be prepared for Christmas- nothing else to say. They do look very cosy as well and I am in love with them already.

Second row picture 4, is another Christmas turtle neck jumper from H&M with a golden flower print on a forest green jumper. Kind of reminds me of russia but I like the colour and I hope it will keep me very warm. 
Now finally item number 5 the dog jacket also H&M for 20 Euros only. We haven't tried it on but from the length (57cm) with the hoddie it shall fit her perfectly. Now we are one of those people who need to dress up the dogs too. Seriously though my dog is shaking so bad I really think it will be good for her.
6th Picture is a long sleeved overall from H&M as well, in a black and white floral print. Which I thought would very elegant if combined with wine red or black leggings and a black or wine/red cardigan as another colourful eye-catcher. 


And last row, picture 7, I wanted one of those really great, big wooly beanies and I found one from ASOS fitting to my new coat. I am really looking forward to be wearing it and for sure it will warm my ears and brain speaking from the way it looks like. 
Picture 8.. I can not recall what has happened to me there but I think I was reigned by the child within me. A unicorn shirt. I do not comment any further on this now. But it is from ASOS if anyone should be interested in those magic unicorns too.
Almost at last Picture 9, a very clean, slim high waisted jeans in black from ASOS as well . I have gotten into the jeans again and need to renew my stage because I all the ones I own now are more baggy boy- and girlfriend jeans. Anyways I hope this one will be as tight as promised.

Now concluding with item 10 is a wonderful pink and white jumper in a christmas print. I really like this one as it doesn't have the normal christmas colours but is rather playful, girly and refreshen. Very curious to see it for real! 

The packages have finally arrived, just in time before Christmas!  I am so happy to now be able to share my thoughts on them with you.

This jumper is a lot darker than it is on the picture, yet it is really, really big, you can almost wear it as a dress if you like. It keeps you really warm as I thought and I still love the playful mistletoe pattern. Definitely a suitable Christmas jumper I do not regret buying.  

Here we have our cute lithe 


My favorite jumper! It is such a soft fabric and I  adore the pattern!! It is to ally christmassy and so soft and cosy. Perfect size and it fits as if it was made for me. I like that is is pink as well, as I  said it 's different to others. 
Combine it with a black pair of leggings and some thick socks and you Christmas chill -outfit is ready!  

This is a lovely long sleeved playsuit and the winter flower print is even more beautiful as I could imagine from the picture I saw. I am definitely am going to wear it. It makes your legs really long and your waist looks very thin. It makes itself your second skin and fits lovely. For the 25 Euros I paid I am very happy. I would combine this with wine red tights and a leather jacket as well as a black beanie. Done, sugar! 

Uhh and this is my new rosé beanie. I am wearing it right now and even got nice compliments on it already. It is so thick and wooly, literally makes you look as if you had a super brain. I just love it as my hears are so, so warm. It also is an eye catcher and one definitely needs a big beanie in winter especially with this uncomfortable windy weather thats been happening here..

 New months, new jacket. After all the coats I have bought this autumn/ winter, this is the one that I was meant to buy. It is so, so big, fluffy and cosy and makes my day, seriously.  So happy! I got it on sale for only a bit over a 100  €! 

 This one here is my official Christmas jumper that I will wear on Christmas eye. It is a lovely Christmas red with a little snowflake print and a white collar. I really like it. It is quite thin, so it is more of a long sleeved shirt than a jumper but perfect for the fest! 

My Outfit of the day 22.12.14 . The unicorn shirt I couldn't resist and a beautiful black jeans. he jeans is quite stretchy and not as high waisted as said, it is rather normal waisted, but anyways, it's all I wanted, a jeans in my size that is black. 

Last but not least, my Christmas socks! I love them so, so much. They are high knees and so warm. They even have stickers on them so you won't slip on the ground and next to a lovely white, red, green coloured Christmas print they are so cosy and fluffy and keep my tippy toes nice and warm! 

This was my last haul of the year 2014, one of many but surely none that I regret. I love all the items and recommend them to you, if you are in need of buying them. 
I hope you liked reading, maybe I could give you an idea for a present, for yourself or one of your loved ones and could give you a nice time reading. 

I wish you all a lovely day! XXX C

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