From Stockings Over Chocolate To Christmas Presents

Hello Everyone!  Time has come and I have made it to get all of my Christmas Presents in time. Before I wrap them though I want to sh...

Hello Everyone! 

Time has come and I have made it to get all of my Christmas Presents in time. Before I wrap them though I want to share them with you, maybe give you some ideas to buy at last if you haven't had any ideas.

Have fun reading and looking!    


Before I can get started on the presents, we need stockings! Of course! I got ours from Amazon. The green one with the Santa is for my sister, the brown Snowman one goes to my mothers boyfriend, my Mum takes the red one with the little Santa and I get the brown green one with the reindeer. 
They are about 30- 40 cm long and really big. Mine and my sisters are cosy as well, they all look really good and will make the deal for Christmas.

Now as always, Yankee Candles. I bought the apple and pine needle candle which smells very spicy and sharp (might not be everyones taste) but I like it and also this dark pine needle colour is my favorite so I will keep that. But the Christmas Cookie Candle is for my best friend. This one smells real, really nice JUST like Christmas. Very sweet and homie just very beautiful and lovely. Your room will smell as if you were in a bakery.
So these two are very contrary but both have there pros and cons depending on your own taste but we cannot argue about Yankee Candles quality. I always find these are nice little stocking fillers.

For my best boy - friend I give an audio book which is called "He's back" in german "Er is wieder da" Now this is a parody and in no way means that I am racist or make fun of what has happened in the past. The book is about Hitler waking up again after a very long sleep in the 21st Century where we have a woman as president and every one has their own religious believes and now he is back still in the believe everything is the way it was before he fell asleep. It is support to be funny as the author makes fun of clichés people worldwide have about the Holocaust. I for myself haven't listened to it yet but my Dad has and he said it was a good book with sense and with comedy on the right places not the wrong ones. I trust his words here. 
Secondly I bought "The Pointless Book" by Alfie from YouTube and I think this is just very fitting for a boy/ 20 yr olds as well. My friend would never read a book I know that but with this one here, he can actually make it his book, use it, play with it and so on. His inner child will love it! 

For my Grandparents I have something truly amazing I think. You need to know that my grandparents have had a pretty long life. They are 84 and 79 years old but slowly but surly I can see them going towards the end. Of course I do not wish for that to happen in the nearest future but I want to have something to remember them by. As they are so old, they have a long, adventurous story to tell as they also are the last generation who has lived within the war back then.
I have bought a book for each of them where they can handwrite down their life, thoughts, things I don't know yet, how things and their life used to be and what they have done and haven't done. They get the book and eventually I get it back, a piece of them or their life actually in one book for the following generations. I found this so lovely because they have had another full life before us! 
Also I got them a book with the best of cross words puzzles from the last 60 years as they both love to do them so much! 

Now my best friends finally gets her first onesie as an owl. There is a story behind it but I think too personal for her and not for me to tell on here. All I say though is that it's a very cute background. Anyways I also got the onesies from Amazon. It is very, very fluffy I must say, she will be so cosy and comfortable in it. I am sure she will love it and now she is also able to attend my onesie- party in January! This one cost me about 25 Euros, so totally doable.

My sister, also wished for a onesie and I was about to buy a giraffe for her but then I stumbled over this pug onesie and she is such a dog lover I thought this was the most fitting out of all my choices and I am so, so happy that I did. This I got from Amazon as well and this for 23 Euros. It is also so nicely cosy, like the owl and looks just cute! I think she will be in the clouds when she opens this one.

My aunty gets a new bed for her puppy. Now my aunty doesn't have a lot of money so she still uses a dog bed that is a year younger than me so almost 20. I thought to myself this mustn't be and looked in our local pet store for the fluffiest and warmest little bed I could find. And this is what I found. Fitting  to the dogs hair and very comfortable for the little one, I believe she appreciates this present a lot as she won't be able to buy one herself and doesn't get anything else.

Ahh Traditions: How I love them! Every year we give each family member something cosy, either pajamas, onesies, cosy jumpers and this year it's New Bathing Robes for everyone! Yay! 
I bought all but mine (of course) and the red one is for my mother, grey for her boyfriend and the yellow dotty one for my sister 
They all a wool, fleece combination so again very cosy. 
These ones we will open on Christmas Eve though so we can open the other presents the next morning with the new then morning robe already. 


My Stepfather is a book lover, like a book worm, we never can buy books for him because we don't know if they exist already in his private library. But anyway I chose a book from a german author called Hermann Hesse. He wrote many books, intellectual books, books for people like my stepfather. So I thought he absolutely cannot have a book that is almost as old as him and one of a 100 existing copies, it's like a limited edition. I got it on an antique market for about 10 Euros but I think it'll make him happy.


And this glass is for my Dad. It a scotch glass that has "Dad, the enjoyer since 1970" written on it. He loves to sit down very old school sipping his scotch whilst smoking a cigar. And now he has the fitting glass for it as well, I thought this was a great little idea and the line I had printed it is just funny. I got it on the internet but I do not have the link anymore, sadly but it host like 20 Euros all together. With that I will buy him a good bottle of scotch and this is it this year.

And for my Mother I will make a full on 50 pages big scrapbook with photos out of our last year. It's not finished yet and hopefully I'll make it in time!

I am so thankful my family is not that big... 

But not to forget, the almost most important of all! The Chocolate. I mostly have Lindt chocolate as it is the best in quality and taste. For my sister I also have a KinderChocolate Santa and some Maxy Toffifee Package. This and the Christmas Cookies we are going to bake on the weekend will be filling all of our sweets and treats plates! I am so excited. 

One our later and everything is wrapped up! 
Looks pretty :) 

What do you think and what do you give you loved ones for Christmas?

I hope I could give you some ideas and that you enjoyed reading. 


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