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Hello Everyone!  In the last two weeks I got the jumpers out and tried to become friends with them again.  In the end I think we all ...

Hello Everyone! 

In the last two weeks I got the jumpers out and tried to become friends with them again. 
In the end I think we all did really. Have you gotten curious, then keep scrolling.

I got my big fury jumper out and simply put it over my leopard printed business dress to make a wide and a little bit bulky looking jumper, look elegant. Both items I got from H&M. 

Different clothes but same thought. I had my Zara red,black and white skirt in zebra prints and a turtle necked black jumper from Manga last years collection. I really loved this outfit because of the jumper. It kept me all warm all day.

Uncreatively I pulled out my primarkt Christmas skirt and another of my fluffy jumpers. As the skirt is wonderful it is hard to combine with the stage of coats I have. But it made the deal as this outfit kept me warm so I cannot really complain.

New week and off to a much better start! 

Going a little bit rocky before Christmas. I found a pair of jeans from H&M, it seems black but actually it has slight, glittery snake print all over it. I love it. I then also found a brown turtle neck Christmas jumper with a fitting print on it as well. I simply throw my leather jacket it on and was ready to go! 

Same H&M jeans, I didn't want to take them off, they fit perfectly! Anyways, I just changed the jumpers and chose a glittery grey primarkt jumper which is pretty classy. I also had a wine red Top under and a suiting bow in my hair. All in all a cute outfit. 

New H&M Jumper with a playful pink and white Christmas print which with I am in love with. This jumper is really really nice, I love the fabric because it's not soft but also doesn't scratch. It keeps me perfectly warm and looks very girly. Something a little different to other christmas jumpers. With that I  wore my leather jacket, a leggings also with a black in grey print which you can't see because of the way the light falls but that doesn't matter. I then wear i wool sock and m black UGG ugg boots. I feel good in this outfit! 

Today I am wearing the biggest Christmas jumper. It's my new H&M , pine green with a playful print in gold and red (basically looks like a Christmas tree). It is turtle necked and really, really big. You can almost wear it as a dress or have a simple leg gins under. 
Anyways, with this I am wearing a high waisted jeans in grey/ black and some big socks under my black ugg boots. 
Nice and cosy outfit of the day for a stormy day. 

Tell me which jumper you liked most! 
I hope you had fun looking and reading, I had fun writing, see you soon


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