O.P.I Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection Review

Hello Everyone!  Today I want to talk a little about the new OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday Collectio n. This time it's by Gwen Stefa...

Hello Everyone! 

Today I want to talk a little about the new OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection. This time it's by Gwen Stefani whereas last year we had Mariah Carry on the cover. 
Anyways, they have brought out 19 different shades. Most of them are in the berry coloured range and with also some red and brown tones as well as glittery nail polishes and a wonderful, extravagant gold! 

I have decided to buy that gold which is called "Don't Speak" number HR F19. It looks really rich and bossy, but totally cool especially for the festive time and year change I think it suits perfectly but surprisingly when you open it's not quite the gold you'd expect. It's rather little Crumbs of gold. Some are bigger, some are really tinny. One layer will give you a think thought of gold but if you put on three layer upwards your nail actually turns gold. It looks natural, it does not so rich like the packaging which is by the way really fancy! In the end it seems like you have put your nail into gold which is the desired effect. 
It was really pricy I must say, I ordered on Amazon and got it for about 20 Euros but I think for real gold ... 

Putting the nail polish on was easy as well, it didn't fade or was too runny and didn't drib own the finger. Also it dried quite fast I must say I was rather surprised. 
All in all, I can say for the once who fancy it it's worth it to buy but you won't need it so badly in your life as there are many other gold shades out there for a cheaper price.

I also was really happy that there is now a nail polish in my favorite colour available.
And it is this beauty right here. "Christmas Gone Plad" number HR F04 

I find this colour to be so magical, it has something truthfully and mystically in it. Something that belongs not on but especially to the Christmas or winter time as the only leafs that we have are in the pine needles in this wonderfully dark green colour. Having this on your nails would make you feel part of nature and also it gives a great contrast to white (snow) or gold which is why I have my nails combined with both of these nail polishes. 
The consistency of this is a thick one, I needed one layer to be happy with the coverage. So this is exceptionally great! It was so, so easy to put it on my nails I cannot describe it but keep saying how great it was and how fast it went. 

Tell me, how do you like the design? 
In the end I have my one ring finger all gold and all the rest is covered in green. I then wanted to try how on layer would look and I  got so carried away with this look that I painted all of them with one layer of the gold. Now it looks like our Christmas tree, green pine needles with a decent bit of angels hair (one the tree) or fairy glitter sticking on it.

I hope I could give you a good review and that you will have a lovely day 


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