Outfits Of The Festive Week

Hello Everyone !  This week it finally was there, all of a sudden I had holidays. And a lot of preparation to do! Anyways this did not ...

Hello Everyone ! 

This week it finally was there, all of a sudden I had holidays. And a lot of preparation to do! Anyways this did not stop me from dressing up a little and even whilst baking I wanted to wear everything but an apron.

Monday: 22.12.14
I wore my slightly rosé pink shirt with a kids unicorn drawing and a basic black Jeans. Both are from ASOS as you know from my LHOFY post last week. Very simply, easy and comfy as I needed to move around a lot I needed something that allowed me to move around.

Yet I went a bit fancy outside with this thick and warm wool coat from ASOS 
This, like I said in my post last week, is the most amazing coat and I was meant to buy it. I am so happy I did because it keeps me really warm and packed in which is good because now it begins to get really cold here. I also put on my new rosé wool head/ beanie as well which is just so fancy and amazing, I love it to bits! Makes me look like an alien a bit but it's the best thing that could have happened to me.  

 Tuesday: 23.12.14

I wore the long sleeve jumpsuit and I love it. I sits really tight I must say, especially on the arms but apart from that I am happy with it. I love the winter flower print the grey and black colouring allows it to go crazy on the jewelry and accessory side! You can wear all colours of tights or put on sparkling necklaces and bracelets in gold, silver, rose gold or whatever you like. I love it and it looks so nice and simple yet elegant and exciting.

Wednesday: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve I went for something cosy, something easy and something normal. I wore my new Christmas jumper from ASOS with a white Christmas print as different snowflakes and a white collar. It makes me look like a total good girl which I love and I adore the colours as they are in the Christmas colours red and white as well. The jumper itself was rather light and kind of tighter than the usual big oversized jumper which made the look look more suited. With that I wore the H&M skirt, some black tights and big stockings. 

Thursday: Christmas Day

This is my look before I went to the movies again. I wore the turtle necked white oversized jumper as a dress and my ASOS wool coat and of course the new head again. I also wore my leather gloves, chunky boots and big stocking again because it was a really cold day.
All dressed in white and light rosé I looked rather like an angel :) 

26.12.14 Boxing Day

My beloved H&M russian Christmas Jumper again combined with my new wool coat which makes me look even more russian and my chunky Stradivarius boots with big, big socks. And on the left, the wonderful Christmas tree :) 

 Friday: 27.12.14 

A patrol green dress for the visit of my grandparents. Very conservative and strict, yet is has something about it that I love. As it is only one colour you could accessories a lot with big necklaces, rings and bracelets and style it with a belt. With it I wore my chunky boots again and my wool coat from ASOS as well as a little city bag in black from H&M 

Sunday: 28.12.14

Out and about in the chic french style with my best friend I wore white long sleeved shirt with pearls as a decent and playful neckline and a furry skirt in the pin up look. Styled with emphasizing only my lips in red and eyes with a think eyeliner stood in great contrast to the rich coat from ASOS and the chunky boots again. 

I hope you liked it and had fun reading. XXX C 

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