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Hello Everyone!  I have been really into books lately and have ordered so, so many books since January that it has come to the point th...

Hello Everyone! 

I have been really into books lately and have ordered so, so many books since January that it has come to the point that I had to make a list to not forget what I actually want to read (next). 
Instead of making a review of every book  I thought I will write a small introduction to every book and not spoil anything before you read it (if you do)

An Apple A Day 

This is an autobiography about an english journalist who had suffered from a restrictive type of anorexia. She wrote a book about her experience with the illness and her recovery. This is kind of like self recovery for me as far as I want to go anyways. Also I have read all the german and some other book to the topic and I can identify myself in those words a lot. 

The Girl On The Cliff

Lucinda Riley - it is said that this is one of the best books she has written so far and I like her as described closer below. So if it is as good as they say than I shall read it of course. 

The Midnight Rose

She has grown to my new favourite author because of the mystical way she tells her stories playing in two dimensions that just make sense at the ending of the story. It's always different but the same and so, so interesting as actual historical facts are the ground to the stories. I love her! I have got great expectations about this one. 

The Best Of Me

I saw the movie, I adore the male main actor and yes, I do like Nicholas Sparks books. As I bought it I just finished another one of his books and was hooked. I did like the movie but I know that the actual book is always a lot better than the movie, especially as the movie (so others said) wasn't as good as the book. So yes, I am really excited for this one

Girl Online 

I did not really know if I should buy it or not since it had been said that it wasn't actually Zoe who wrote the book but a ghost writer but then I thought hey, it still is a story, it is her story she made up, her ideas and so on. Since that I refused to read any reviews about it and am excited to make up my mind about it myself.

Whitney Port

Well this is kind of an advice book. A book about the lifestyle of Whitney Port, her tricks on beauty and thoughts on fashion. I quite like her and she might be a bit of an idol so I like to "get to know her" better.

So these are all my books I want to read. I am really excited to get started since I have recently rediscovered my love of reading. There seems so little time for that now though which is very sad but I want to try and read as much as I can. You actually only need to get into the book and afterwards almost anything you "have to do" seems unimportant to you and the only thing that counts is to know what is written on the next page. 

I hope you liked that post1 What book are on your reading list? 


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