My First Week In PR -Outfit Ideas

Hello Everyone! S o this week has been really exciting for me because this week I am a pr intern. I have been looking forward to this f...

Hello Everyone!

So this week has been really exciting for me because this week I am a pr intern. I have been looking forward to this for weeks and I have had the best time in a long time. I got to see a lot of new things and experienced and also learned a lot. I do know with all my heart now that this is the ultimate job for me and I honestly do want to pursue a career in pr after school, no matter what it costs me.

Also, not to forget I enjoyed dressing myself appropriately this week. And this meant no high heels or any sort of high shoes, because you really do run a lot around and wearing flats just makes it easier and more comfortable. But anyways, I welcomed that thought as I basically lived in high heels all year. Oh and I found the time to finally make use of instacollage which gave me the opportunity to show you more than just one crappy mirror pic.

Monday: 18.5.15

Shirt:white Zara shirt with long sleeves and a gold pearl neckline
Pants: white and blue floral H&M pants
Bag: unlabled orange shopper
Shoes: H&M slacks in black shiny leather

Tuesday: 19.5.15

Shirt: polka dot shirt from Zara 
Shorts: H&M leather shorts
Bag:leather Pussy Deluxe bag
Black tights
Shoes: black H&M slacks

Wednesday: 20.5.15

Blouse: black H&M blouse
Pants: red floral Zara pants 
Bag:leather Pussy Deluxe bag
Shoes: H&M black slacks

Thursday: 21.5.15

My food :) was a melon pizza. I saw a picture on Pinterest and thought it was a lovely idea. I decorated the "pizza" with half an apple, a cup of blueberries and 200gr of grapes.
Shirt: mint green Asos shirt with long lace sleeves
Pants: Guess jeans (black)
Bag:Pussy Deluxe black leather bag
Shoes:brown zipper shoes without label 

Friday: 22.5.15

My favorite outfit I think :) 
Top: copperish Mango Top
Skirt: H&M black asymmetrical skirt
black tights
Cardigan: leoprinted Mango cardigan
Shoes: H&M black leather slacks
Bag: black fake leather H&M bag from last year.

I hope you liked the post, I loved writing it and let review passé my week as an intern. I am off to work now but I wish you all a lovely day and weekend! 


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