Advice on Moving Houses For Students + House Tour + Life Update

Hello Everyone! As you might know or not I moved. It wasn't planned at all. I thought about moving out for a really long time...

Hello Everyone!

As you might know or not I moved. It wasn't planned at all. I thought about moving out for a really long time but something stopped me all the time. I also made moving out my new years resolution for 2015. Actually I already have 3 out of 5 of my resolutions done for this year which I am very proud of. Anyways, something always stopped me or came in between so moving out, being my own person became harder each time I was about to. 
So one night I was looking for apartments again and found the one I live in now and two others. I thought to myself that there is no harm in looking. Also the situation in my family is really not great at the moment which also required me to get out there soon. I went and looked at all the places and decided out of the feeling my belly told me that now it was time. 

In the following post I want to give you some personal advice of my move and how I did it. Wether it was smart or not, I did it, I survived and so far it's going good. I just think there are many people out there that move out the first time everyday and just like me google and don't find fitting answers. So here is my personal advice. Have fun.

1. Look for apartments

I looked by myself as I did not want to throw out money for real-estate agents. I went on local site that offer single room apartments and shared apartments and so on. I knew that I did not want to be alone and considered a shared apartment from the start. It is usual over here for students to live together and share a home as it's cheaper in many ways for everyone and you can afford better places with that.

2. Look at the places

I made up appointments with all of the places I found and visited them one after another. This went down very quickly. I was shown my room, the living room, kitchen and bath. Pretty much all the rooms for me to use as well.
You get to see everything that is important but also it's the time to ask the important questions like rent, how do you live together (of its a shared apartment like mine), how is the dynamic within the roommates, how is the water, heat, are you allowed to bring pets, paint on you walls, insurance, wifi, etc. It's really best to write it all down so you will need to bring a pen and piece of paper as well!

3. Good planning

As I am I got home and made up an excel writing all the information I got down for each place I visited to be able to compare them. I calculated my money so I was able to see if I could afford the place and my living expenses.
In the end I listened to what my belly told me and went with the place I immediately felt comfortable with, which also was the first one I found and saw.

4. Organize 

Now this was the hardest for me. Although I really love getting organized and everything I really had only one week to get this baby delivered. I needed to get boxes first which I got from a friend thank god. In the end I ended up throwing my closet in the boxes without even thinking.

What you should do though is take measurements to know which furniture you are going to take with you. See what you really need in your new place. It's a good opportunity to throw out the old stuff that takes up to much space. To make room for new things.
A good thing to do is to label the boxes with things you want to take with you, things to store an things to throw away.

5. Moving

When the moving day finally arrives you need to know if you want to have help from a moving company which you will need to order first. If you want to do so I recommend to compare different companies to see what they will help you with and for how long for what price. There are humongeous differences.
For me everything was a bit too expensive so I was being my own independent woman and got the help of two friends that helped me getting the furniture and boxes from A to B.
It was a hard 4 hours all together but knowing I pretty much did it all myself made it even more special and I have a great story to tell my grandchildren.

6. Make everything new and comfy

Once the hardest step was done I got to do the fun stuff, for me at least. Which was unpacking. I was able to make everything new and "better" again. Make my self comfortable in the new home I live in now and this is what I enjoyed most so far on this little journey.

7. Get new routines

This last step I am yet to experience. Within the next couple of weeks in my holiday I want to buy some more home supplies in august and figure out who I am now. I do have new routines which I will post about as well so keep posted.

In this step you just get new experiences, figure out how your new life will or could look like. This is something most people also struggle with the first time around but I am embracing it as I see this decision as one of the best things I could have done this year. 

House Tour 

This is my new room.

This is the kitchen

Bathroom. Not so pretty but it is getting renewed so I can live with it for now.


The living room (right side).

The living room (left side).

Life Update

Within the last year my life has changed quite a lot. In a very positive way though. Although I am still in a not so bombastic place I am not dying anymore and writing this blog has helped me a lot in my journey which is what I was hoping for. 

Anyway, last year I didn't know myself at all. I didn't know what I liked, wanted to do, I was only focused on school and that was my hobby. Now I am a passionate vegan, my hobbies include fashion, reading, planning and organizing, spending time with my friends, sister and grandparent, I do know who my true friends are and whom I can always count on. I enjoy painting and I love my pets ! All those things I could not count as a part of my life last year. They were there but I wasn't living them or life in general.
But most importantly and what I am most proud of is my apartment. Last year I was scared to death to be independent, be and adult. I wanted to be a child forever, to be looked after. But now since risking this step I couldn't love it more. I really enjoy it and I got so much happier and I transformed a lot in my mind and way of thinking. 

I hope I could help someone with this post. 

Tell me some of your thoughts in being independent. I am curious to see what other people think about it!


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