The Weekend Vlog In Pictures

Hello Everyone! I thought it'd be a fun idea to capture one of my weekends in pictures and show you my weekend end routine especial...

Hello Everyone!

I thought it'd be a fun idea to capture one of my weekends in pictures and show you my weekend end routine especially now where I live alone. It has changes dramatically in a really positive way which made me want to share this change with you. 


On weekends I get up between 8 to 9 am and start having breakfast right after. With my breakfast I will have a couple of coffees to get my head straight and be alive. So Saturday I had a fruit salad with some pear, peaches and strawberries with soy yoghurt and cinnamon sprinkled on it. It was oh so good, oh so delicious! While eating my brekkie I always check out my social networks.

My favorite time in the day are morning. I love to just chill in bed and do some blogging, watch videos, have my breakfast, smoke and drink coffee. It's the best time in the day!

Around 11 am I got changed, I had a shower, followed my usual morning routine. On the left you can see my outfit for Saturday. A leo- printed maxi dress from H&M and on the right is my Sunday outfit which was a bit more on the comfy, sporty side. The whole outfit is from H&M as well. 

My middays are always out and about. Usually I will go grocery shopping for the week and just go crazy on the fruit and veg since I am vegan :). I generally have a great time which is pretty weird.. After that I went to my mothers to just quickly feed my pets and then went back home. 

The pic above shows my food haul and beneath I did some food prepping. 

Another food prep photo. I really got into food prep since I moved and I am really enjoying it. It's so much easier to follow meal plans, it saves time and the time I spend food prepping is calming me down so much and I seriously have fun doing it. I get all excited to eat again and just prepare. During the week I just need to throw everything together and finished! 

Here I prepared my dinners for the weekend. It's a huge salad bowl with lettuce, tomatoes, red bell pepper and steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. 

Around 2pm I went to the zoo. I've been there twice a week. All the picture shown here are from tuesday as the saturday was a date/ thing and I didn't want to take pictures then. Both times it was great though.

We got to do all different fun things to do, touch penguins, feed elephants and spend a full hours watching mere cats which are my favourites! I really did enjoy myself. 

So on my Saturday afternoons I always try to do things either with my friends or my sister. I want to just enjoy life to the fullest now and really do something outside of my room and this I think for now does it for me.

After the zoo I went to work as I do every weekend (friday to sunday) from 6pm to 11 pm. 

This is my dinner which I had half of before work and the other half after. It was so delicious and I put some seats and dried berries on there as well. Really yummy and very filling. After that I watched a movie and fell a sleep.


My morning routine is pretty set so I got up at 9.30 am and had a bowl of strawberries, apple and peaches with yoghurt and cinnamon again. Tasted amazing.

Sunday are the me- time days. I spend all morning pre writing my planner and meal plans for the next three weeks. This allows me to get all into scrapbooking and filofaxing which I am enjoying since I got my filofax last year. I just love it and I get all caught up in it and creative.

After I was done I was actually tired and had a little 2 hour afternoon nap before I went to work again at 5 pm.

This is my dinner for sunday which I divided again. Before I went to bed I had a long bath washing my hair, doing nails, Usually I plan all my outfits for the week as well so I don't have to concur this task in the mornings in a rush. 

What do you do on your weekends? I used to hate them but now I got to love them since I have something to do with myself.

I hope you enjoyed this "lifestyle" post.


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