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Hello Everyone!  this week I had a lot of fun dressing. I felt much more inspired than last week which partly comes from the package ar...

Hello Everyone! 

this week I had a lot of fun dressing. I felt much more inspired than last week which partly comes from the package arriving from H&M from my little haul. But let me show you ! Also I stressed after stories in my head. I will shortly write them down for you as well because it was like a cute little motto week in my daily outfits.

Monday: 29.6.15
I was watching TRHOBH and wanted to dress slightly casually yet appropriately. As mondays are my longest days in the week I needed something comfy yet classy looking and this is what came out. The ballerinas made the outfit look classy combined with that top but the jeans and cardigan  made it look very casual as well. I liked it.

Top: H&M naive blue blouse/ top
Cardigan: grey Vero Moda Cardigan
Jeans: ripped Mango jeans in light blue
Shoes: black H&M ballerinas
Bag: unlabled orange messenger bag

Tuesday: 30.6.15
That day it was a day spent at the zoo. All I needed was a big bag for my food and something extra comfortable, wearable and casual looking. So I tried to go further and expand the outfit from the day before. So this is my effing casual outfit.
Shirt: White basic Zara shirt
Cardigan: beloved Mango cardigan in leo- print
Jeans: light blue, ripped Mango jeans
Shoes: white H&M sneakers
Bag: white H&M shopper

Wednesday: 1.7.15
Time to feel fancy and dressed up. Also I wanted to look very elegant again so I chose this new overall and felt great with it. A really easy wear fitting for summer. I felt just very womanly and summery which was my all- time- summer- look

Overall: white/ red floral printed H&M overall with roses
black tights
Cardigan: white long H&M cardigan
Shoes: black H&M plateau high heels

Thursday: 2.7.15
I would just name it the easy outfit. Shorts + top + high heels make me look very grazil and elegant I think which is what I needed for a really hot summer day outside. 

Top: black basic top H&M
Shorts: red/ white floral printed H&M shorts
black tights
Cardigan: light white H&M long cardigan
Bag: black fake leather H&M bag
Shoes: black H&M plateau high heels

Friday: 3.7.15
So today I just woke up just to put this on. It motivated me and I only got the idea to wear it yesterday writing the haul post. I feel like a younger version of Lisa Vanderpump. I like it. I am obsessed with that woman :) This is my Pump- Outfit.
Top: H&M 60's striped top
Skirt: asymmetrical black H&M skirt
black tights 
Shoes: plateau high heel H&M
Bag: fake leather H&M bag

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