The Monthly H&M Haul - Sale/ New Collection Edition

Hello Everyone!  I've been shopping hey hey because it's been the beginning of the month and I have shopping issues and need to...

Hello Everyone! 

I've been shopping hey hey because it's been the beginning of the month and I have shopping issues and need to spend a little on myself. :) I want to right get started on this one. 
Two items are 

First thing I got was this lovely overall. It's perfect for summer as it's really light and thin as well as short. You can see the lovely floral print which is super lovely and I love the combination with the white. Just 25 €. Good purchase. Only annoying thing is that you actually have to tie it yourself on the neck. The toilet trips definitely get either really exhausting or less.

Second item are these wonderful sandal plateau shoes. They are so easy and comfortable to walk in. It's really easy to drive in them as well, I've tried so this is a plus and another good thing is that it feels like your walking on a cloud. They do not hurt at all which is what I love them for. I am so keeping these! Also only 25€.

Next one is a cute floral printed bandeau top. I really like those for summer because they allow you to sit outside without getting stripes on your shoulders. This was only 10 €.

I am really late to the party with this one but I found this nice polka dotted blouse on the sale for 12€ but I've been looking for one here and never found one so I am really happy to now own one as well. This will be my go to for the "colder" , rainy summer days.

For another 10 € in the sale department I got these sporty looking shorts which are just perfect for the 40 degrees waiting for me this weekend. There is nothing else as perfect as this to wear on a really hot day in the city.

Together with those shorts goes this tomboyish looking crop top. All you need are you pair of sneaker and a cap and your ready to go. Another 5 € spend on this sales product.

Very colourful and I will look like a funky pinky bird is this striped blouse. I wanted one of those last year but didn't find it because hey it's just come out this year. Makes sense now. Anyways I will probably combine it with a short black or white skirt or black leggings. I am really looking forward to this outfit! This also was around 20 -25 € if I am not wrong. Sale

Now we have another striped top in the 50's style. I will just wear jeans shorts or a basic black skirt with this one. I love it because it's so simply and also stripes are really one of the must haves this summer. 10 €

Last but not least for also only 10 € are these floral very thin and light shorts. Same collection as the overall above and they are high waisted. I am wearing them right now with just black tights and a black top. I love them as they are really easy to wear and I still feel really comfy.

So this is a perfect example of what happens with a woman/ girl on the summer sale. Not only does she buy all items in the store no she will also go over and buy the new collection as well! Screw you, shopping addiction! Still there have been worse times and I stayed within my 150 € limit with paying around 130 € on them. I am happy though.

I hope you liked it! Bye XXX C

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