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Hello Everyone!  Over the last couple of days I have been taking more photos of what I eat to show you a little bit more variety of the...

Hello Everyone! 

Over the last couple of days I have been taking more photos of what I eat to show you a little bit more variety of the fruits and vegetables that I do eat. 

I usually have different fruit salads for breakfast so the following photos will show you what I have been enjoying lately. 

Apples are my go to. Not only because they are really healthy and contain a lot of vitamins but also because they are great as snacks yet filling and easy on the go. I like to combine them with something softer in consistency like honey dew. Honey dew is really fresh and sweet and certainly gives me a carbs I do crave in the morning and that help me to start my day.

Another fruit salad variation is this. Although there is the other half of the honey dew again I combined this salad with strawberries that are also very light, sweet and fresh and peaches that are not only in season now but also really good and rich in vitamins that help you stay healthy.

This is certainly a treat for me. A mango. I do love mangos and if I could afford them I would seriously chose to eat them everyday in combination with berries. But anyway, this mango was just the sweetest, freshest and loveliest mango I've had in a while. I enjoyed it so much. I had it with half a peach that is next to mango my current favorite fruit out there as they also are really filling as a little breakfast.

As you can see I like to not overfill my fruit salads but always have a combination of two to three different fruits. My salads should contain a fruit that is high in sugar and carbs so I can properly start my day as well as something harder in consistency to keep me full until lunch time.


I made some zoodles out of half a green and half a yellow zucchini with a broken veggie burger some cherry tomatoes and red bell pepper. I did put some vegan pesto rosso on there from "IL NUTRIMENTO" yum

This was the other halves of the zucchini and the rest of tomatoes and red bell pepper with some lime juice this time.


If I don't have lunch I do have snacks so here are what I sometimes make:

Rice crackers with homemade cashew or pent butter with some banana.

Homemade kohlrabi fries. Above ones were made in a pan and have normal tomatoe sauce you can buy in the store and underneath ones are made in the oven with some homemade tomatoe sauce.

As my lunches are very, very little lately because of the heat I like to have 'big ass' dinner salads. Actually they only loo as big because of the lettuce leaves themselves but anyways. 

This salad contains 250 grams of lettuce leaves with steamed cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. Also after that picture I like to put a handful of seats like sunflower and pumpkin seats and some cranberries or goji berries in there as well as my vegan salad dressing or just some fresh lemon juice. Just lovely.

This salad is similar to the other one except that I have half a cucumber, half a zucchini, some cherry tomatoes and I believe there were also red bell peppers underneath as well as some seats and berries and the dressing.

Last meal is a only a couple of steamed cauliflower, broccoli and carrots and one of my homemade veggie burgers. The recipe will be posted within the next days. 

My dinners are always somewhat bigger as I do not have lunches or if they are not that big. I rather like to have a big dinner that I can eat in front of the computer whilst doing some work. Something that I can munch on a little for a while. I like them to be salads as they are keeping me filled up until breakfast and so light that I will be able to sleep as well. I don't know I always look forward to dinner.

I really hope you have had fun reading and might try some of the meals. If you do so please sent me a pic or a comment of how it turned out and how you liked it! 
I enjoyed all my meals a lot and I will see you next time! 


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