My Summer Time Morning Routine + Update: What Is In My Bag?

Hello Everyone!  I thought it would be fun to just continue to walk you through all my routines such as mornings, night time, beauty an...

Hello Everyone! 

I thought it would be fun to just continue to walk you through all my routines such as mornings, night time, beauty and daily routines as I haven't done this kind of posts yet. They will be updated by each season and maybe divided into school/ holiday. 

Starting with summer now I'll show you what I do in my mornings until 11 am plus I will do an update on what actually is in my bag one year later. 

So let's get started. My morning are created to save as much time as possible. I prepare a lot in the evenings so I'd be able to hope out and go if I slept in. Which happens a lot. 

First thing I need is coffee. I need it to become a human. A second one to start my brain and a third to  be charged 100 %. I'll have my third one on the go, the second one while I get ready but for the first one I'll take my ten minutes in bed to drink it. No matter what! Because I think it's just the best thing in the world when I can have my morning coffee and a fag. This just makes my day. :) Whilst I do that I'll check my social morning papers like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Now on the holidays this can take up. I like to spend the whole morning in bed doing so and write my blog, write, surf the internet, read. 

After that I eventually do get up and brush my teeth. I don't think I have to say that much about this.

My morning shower follows right after. Currently I am using the ISANA oil shower cream which smells heavenly fruity. Well it says it's from melon and pear and I really like it for the summer.

Now very important. Even when there is no time left I wash my face. Very quickly but I do. I am just using up the Rival de Loop clean & care cleansing water which is very good as there is no alcohol in it. It get's all the dirt from the night of. Then I will moisture my face as well with the Love me Green organic moisturizer which I reviewed here.

And then we go on over to the make- up part. I use the Maybellene Fit Me foundation in 120 as well as the fitting powder and concealer. After I put that on I use the Artdeco bronzer to contour and shining highlighter and the German branded rough from Alterra which I reviewed here as well. For that I will use the my brushes which are all from Artdeco. 
I like to make my eyes look stronger so I'll use the Artdeco base that I reviewed here and some eyeshadow. Today I also used liquid eyeliner and my L'oréal Manga mascara. 
And this is all it. 

After I got my face done I'll get dressed. I pick my outfits just the night before so I don't need to think that much right then and there especially because there might be too little time left at this point. 

Then I'll run in the kitchen, get my foo which also is prepared if it is a school- / weekday and.. 

 ... recheck if I have everything that I will need packed properly in my bag and I am out! 

This is all I do in the morning. It kind of sounds like a lot but it really isn't. If everything goes smooth it only takes me 20 minutes max but if I have time I can stretch the whole routine up to an hour as well. 

What's in my bag?

Now I thought when I am at it I can also do a little update to what is currently in my bag which also would include my summer must haves. So let's have a look!

So this is my current favorite bag. I have fallen in big love with white this summer. I think it symbols a clean slate to me, something new, something wonderful. 
The bag is from H&M

This is my most important item in my life. my filofax. Literally my life is in there and I need it with me at all times. I'd be seriously lost without it. 

I think last time I also had the most recent copies of those magazines in my bag as well. The German Grazia and Cosmopolitan. These are the only magazines I do read. 

Now it gets messy. All the little things that always get lost in the bag. Starting at the top I have my phone (iPhone 6), a package of fags and my wallet form Mango. The keys to my apartment and my car, two pens, a package of gum (actually very important I am addicted to them.) My Sunglasses including the case, it's from Mango as well and my favorite one. Very much underneath everything is my iPad and last but not least there is my lithe make up bag.

I even dared to look in the make up bag which I am raping for something not so much to do with beauty. I have some papers in them just in case I want to write something important down. I then have my papers for my car in the try thingy and another tiny tiny wallet where my license are in. I then found my Manhattan lipgloss and a lip balm from baby lips :) 

And there it is. You little MF I was looking for you my entire year of school every time I needed you. Now where do I find this? In the bag I am using in my holidays. Great.

Alright, I think my bag is very clean, I am actually keeping track of it at all times packing and unpacking, changing them almost daily. But I like having everything I need neat and clean.

How long to you take in the morning and what is your favorite thing to do ?

I hope you had fun reading and I wish you a very nice summer :)


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