What I Ate - Double Post - + Easy 5 Step Recipe

Hello Everyone!  As I did skip last weeks post, I did not want to spare you and of course I took pictures of my meals but I just didn&#...

Hello Everyone! 

As I did skip last weeks post, I did not want to spare you and of course I took pictures of my meals but I just didn't have enough free space of mind to write everything down. So this time you are left with my meals of tuesday last and this week! 
Please don't fall off your chair because of all of this excitement.

Last week

Breakfast: I had my fresh and juicy fruit salad as I have every day. I have been still hanging on to the pears and apples and nectarines. And they are still so good! 
Lunch: It was really poorly but of all the stress because of moving  I skipped it everyday (do not try at home!) and just had an iced tea.
Yet Dinner: This just makes my heart beat again. It was the best meal I've had in a long time and I enjoyed it so much. Steamed carrots, cauliflower and cabbage with spices for fried potatoes. A really weird combination but so good. I made half of the portion a soup and the other one just like that. 

The self created recipe for this is further below!

This week

Breakfast: This week I have moved on from the nectarines and changed them for cherries. Fruit salad with cherries, apples and pears underneath.They are in season and I just stole a couple from our neighbors tree. It does hang into our garden so it's not actually stealing, I googled. 
Lunch: That day I actually did have lunch and it was really great. It's been so hot and one surely need something hydrating so I had a caesar salad (self- made). Simply romain lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper and cucumber mixed with a caesar salad vegan dressing.
Dinner: And because I am getting back to the steamed vegetables lately I had steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Just like the old days.

Now for all of those who wonder the recipe as a pictured tutorial

As you can see we only have 5 simply steps to concur.

Step 1:
 Chop all the needed or wanted vegetables and put them in a deep frying pan.

Step 2: 

Pure in water till all the vegetables are covered. Set to boil

Step 3: 
Use one tablespoon full of vegetable bouillon and mix it in the water in the pan.

Step 4
Wait until it boils. At this point I recommend to do the cleaning.

Step 5.1:
If you want a soup your finished. Just set aside and dish it up.

Step 5.2:
If you want to have them without all that water just rinse the water and now do not put any more salt in it. The bouillon seriously has enough. But you can use other spices as you like to make it more interesting in the taste. 

Finished Meal

I hope you enjoyed, I certainly did and I will see you in next weeks post! 


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