Vegan Product Review

Hello Everyone! I have a new product review for all the vegans and/ or non- vegans out there. I am all into finding really good fit...

Hello Everyone!

I have a new product review for all the vegans and/ or non- vegans out there. I am all into finding really good fits for my vegan lifestyle change. I don't want it to be all about the food only so as soon as my old face cleansing things were finished I started looking for vegan, organic face cleanser. I ordered all the items on Amazon

All the products are from "Love Me Green" . This post is not sponsored and it is certainly not the first natural cosmetic line I found and wanted to review about.
I rather want to talk about the products today because primarily I really liked the assurance they gave on there website as I support the vegan lifestyle.

"100% Natural cosmetics with natural plant ingredients & organic plant extracts and organic oils
100% Guarantee the development and production in France
100% free of isopropyl palmitate
100% free of parabens
100% free of silicones, paraffins & petroleum
no animal testing - even in foreign countries
ECOCERT greenlife certified and controlled"

Another reason for me to order is the commercial they do as I find it is advertised appropriately and I fell in love with the simple, playful packaging. Something was calling to me as I saw those products, I literally had a life changing moment when I ordered them and got so excited as they came. I thought I would hold something really precious in my hands.

So these are all the products I got for starters. I needed some new shampoo, conditioner as well as moisturizers and face wash. All the products promise to be fully organic and judging from their website they only contain natural ingredients which I think is wonderful.

Starting of with the shampoo and conditioner. I used them and honestly immediately noticed a significant change in my hair. I usually have really wild hair that often parties without me. It is also very dry and my end tent to break a lot. I can't tell a huge difference in the breaking yet. Only thing I can say though is that it didn't split as fast. But my hair had so much more volume and it seemed tobea lot stronger and healthier looking. Not just to me but to my friends at school as well. It seemed calmer as well as softer. I am really happy. The shampoo is very liquidy and oily where as the conditioner has a thicker constancy. You will definitely not need a lot of the shampoo to cover even longer hair but as for the conditioner I needed about three quarters to have everything well covered.A bottle costed about 9 € each on Amazon. 

Going on to the face wash I got the cleansing foam. As the name says it's just foam and you will need 2-3 pumps (rather 2) to get you face covered. I am all for it as I felt refreshed and cleaner and lighter with my face and I could move it more comfortably but you wouldn't necessarily need it if you had a pad and cleansing water in my opinion. Still I think it does only good things for my skin and I recommend buying it. Because you need to care for your skin. Also this cost about 8€. 

I also purchased the peeling which is a very liquid textured oil with tiny nutrition balls in there. It is brown coloured but kind of see-through on your face. I can tell that this is what helped my skin the most. I always leave it on for about 3 minutes before washing it of to let the nutrients sink in. This cost about 6 €. 

After I washed of the peeling I use the moisturizer. I have my problems with them and only like a certain kind that seems to be very light and refreshing. I went through a little roller coaster of thought and emotions trying this one out the first time. I put my finger in it and thought 'oh I will love it' as it was very light and not thick at all. I then put it on my face and thought 'oh no'. It didn't as as light and refreshing as I thought it be. But then the wonder came to life and within the next minute as the cream sunk in I had this skin awakening moment I was hoping for. Putting it on though it felt rather thick but the after effect was great. Also this cost about 7 € or so. (Let me lie here) 

All in all I really recommend all the products. My hair looks much more natural, softer, thicker and healthier as well as my skin is getting better. The skin care products will make you feel much more awake and your skin gets back to its natural glow. I feel much better and refreshed using these products and I think I will stick with this cosmetic brand for a little while.

I really hope I could help you with this review. I have a really good time and experience using them and am all for it. 

Have a lovely day!  XXX C 

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