Vegan Food Diary - What I Ate On Wednesday + Cauliflower Pizza Recipe

Hello Everyone Welcome to the next post on What I eat as a vegan. I've been cooking my ass off lately and I am loving it. I honestl...

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the next post on What I eat as a vegan. I've been cooking my ass off lately and I am loving it. I honestly could spend all day staring there and prepare all the meals for the next year. I am a but in a cooking / baking marathon. 
My family and friends certainly don't complain about that now. 

Now this is what I had yesterday.

For breakfast I am in love with porridge at the moment. It fills me up so much and the fruits in there make it just so nice and fresh I am always having a food orgasm in the morning. I am using 30 grams of oats and microwave it for a 3 minutes on high power. I then add fruits like pears, raspberries or nectarines. 

This was my lunch. A very nice salad with spinach, cauliflower and broccoli, cucumber and courgette  and kidney beans and tomatoe with some vegan dressing. Nom. 

And for the first time ever I was craving a pizza so I decided to make this beautiful cauliflower pizza which was a little challenge for me. But I loved the challenge and made it, enjoyed it and went to bad a very happy girl.

I even had a little cheeky desert. Some vegan chocolate chip cookies :) that were really amazing.

So now for everyone who is interested in how to make this pizza, keep on reading: 

Cauliflower pizza is not as hard to make from scratch. Everything you'll need is some cauliflower, a vegan egg, a food processor, and some herbs as well as the things YOU want to put on it.

We first start by putting cauliflower in the food processor to make it in tiny tiny pieces (cauliflower rice) 

Now we fill the bowl with the rice with water and microwave it on high power for about 5 minutes

When that is done rinse the water out of the rice. You can form little tight balls with the rice to get most of the water out. 

While microwaving you can prepare the egg mixture and put some herbs in there as well. I did salt and pepper, oregano and paprika powder. Now stir together the egg and the rice balls.

When this is done you simply put the mixture in a little pan (spayed with cooking spray!) and put it in a preheated oven (200 C or 350 F) for 40 minutes. 

As soon as this is finished you can start putting a nice tomatoe sauce on the pizza and add all the vegetables you like. I used a lot of spinach, cherry tomatoes and carrots. If you like your cheese you can also add that and you pretty much done! 

I find this is a much healthier and good portion and version of a pizza. I definitely had much fun to prepare and cook and even enjoy my share of "fast food".

I hope you enjoyed reading and I will see you next week! ;) 


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