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Hello Everyone!  So I have made it through the first two days of school and I have to say it's been a good two days. I have e...

Hello Everyone! 

So I have made it through the first two days of school and I have to say it's been a good two days. I have enjoyed being with my friends again, learning things. But I believe one takes it differently with the knowledge that this really is the last time you will do this routine in our life.

However, back to the "Back- to- school- series. Todays topic is hairstyles. I have found this wonderful video of 15 quick and really easy hairstyles on YouTube by Laura Lee. I have just recently found her and think she does a wonderful job in this on and I can identify myself with these hairstyles a lot. I have tried some of them as well but I thought I spare you my "advice" as I am a hairstyling beginner as well and just share of what I think is great and works really good. Have fun watching and if you want to see how my tries turned out to be, scroll down.

So if you have made it down here you will have the wonderful experience of me trying to, well do my hair. Have fun! 

So this is all I used for my hair styles. 
1. A black head band from H&M 
2. A another red head band with a bow in the front from primark
3. A daisy hair band from H&M 
4. Some pins of course
5. A middle sized hair donut from the DM drugstore (german brand) 

This is my version of a messy bun and I quite like it and I think with some more practise I'll be able to improve that one.

This one was really very easy and I think it looks just too cute to be true. I felt like a 12 year old again. But anyways I love it and I think I'll do that one more often as it's just a 20 second thing and looks different compared to plain open hair. 

My need and clean bun. I used the middle sized donut and the daisy flower hair band and some pins and it actually took me only 5 minutes. I don't know if that is too long for a hairstyle as easy as this one but I liked the finish and 5 minutes, I think I can spare them in the morning.
It looked really lovely and elegant. Something I really consider doing if wearing one of my more chic and business- like outfits.

For this one I used my black lace head band from H&M and seriously. It ridiculously easy once you have figured out how to do it even with longer hair. It looks rather messy in my pictures but I tried it some more times and that finish looked better. 1 minute tops and you look very girlish and cute once again! 

As I saw that hairstyle on Laura Lee I was amazed how beautiful she looked. I fell in love with it and had to try but didn't think with my thin hair I would be able to do it. But somehow I made it and even though it's not as voluminous as hers it doesn't look too bad, does it? I like it for sure and the big ass messy bun is not far from this one as well so jackpot I'd say. 

Yea, I hope you liked her video as well as my tries. I will definitely improve my skills more, hopefully post more hairstyles here as well as I learned a lot and enjoyed doing them, creating them, doing something with my hair. 
But once more I am just really happy that a simple pony tail is just as fashionable right now as this amazing and really easy hairstyles. 

You will hear from me very soon! 


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