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Hello Everyone!  I am experimenting a lot these days. I found myself in front of the drawer of vegan meat and cheese a couple of weeks ba...

Hello Everyone! 

I am experimenting a lot these days. I found myself in front of the drawer of vegan meat and cheese a couple of weeks back and this is when I developed the idea of trying it out to give a review. I know there are a lot of reviews and opinions out there but when I research I want to get as many opinions as possible and I hope that I can somehow help people to make up their own opinion or make a choice. 
So here we go!

So this is what I bought: 
Different kinds of "Fleischwurst". I googled and researched but there is no actual translation to it so I'll describe it but it is a packaged version of mortadella if that says something to you.
 It's made from a "pig" so it is a kind of "pork" but actually it is really just the rubbish of already used meat mixed with a lot of chemicals and salt. I used to love it as a child but soon discovered how disgusting the production of it is. Anyways I tried it after I needed to convince myself.

It is alright. The vegan version is made from the soy plant and if looks and tastes like the real product which is somewhat mind fucking with the vegan brain. For people that miss is though I'd recommend it but it is not something one needs in life. It tastes and looks like the original although there is a little side taste to it that reveals the truth of the product not actually being meat and that is is a processed vegan version as well. It is not as healthy as a plant based diet but for people that miss their portion of meat, it is a great substitute and as long as it is in moderation it isn't as bad for you either.

Mortadella Slices

This is the same product as above only slices in portions ready to go on your bread whereas the tube above can be diced and used for potatoes salad or noodle sauces.
The slices are very gauzy just the right amount you'd need which I have to say I quit liked. I didn't even feel like I was eating "meat" thus it tasted like the breads my grandmother used to make me for dinner back in 1999. They come in the normal versions ( right) or seasoned with paprika and/ or other vegetables (left).


Now we have a little somethings that can be compared to Gyros. It is made out of normal tofu and of course another substitute for meat lovers.
I have to say it is not worth the money people. Sadly it tasted like nothing, literally just some hard textured knead- like something that looked like Gyros. Maybe products from other companies are better but not this one, sadly. 
I made a Kebab out it it that looked really tasty but I have to say I much rather would prefer the Kebab without the meat the next time!


There are many, many difference kinds of vegan nuggets out there but I went for the Nature Gourmet ones you can see beneath.

Made from the soy plant they have a different taste than actual nuggets but you get the idea. They are somewhat junk food in my mind because they are coated with breadcrumbs but one in a while it's okay. I liked them with my homemade french fries. It made me feel like old McDonalds days just healthy. 
So yes, even with a taste I have to get used to and the extrem saltiness, I'd buy them again once in a while.

We then decided to try some veggy balls. I have done a very tasty recipe on veggie burger that were very tasty but yet, we wanted to compare. In my opinion these balls were done very good. We 

So this was our second try of trying a vegan bolognese. The first one we tried had the sauce included as well and that one was so very salty, almost not eatable for me at least. Sadly I forgot the brand but it was a different to the one I show in the photos above.
We then tried "Rügenwalder Mühle" version. This is from a german brand but I am sure you could order it online. Click here. However this time we had to make our own tomato sauce and only bought the "meat". It was very easy to make and took me 10 minutes with making a purée out of the tomatoes and cooking the pasta. It was not salty at all actually pretty nice compared to the first try. My sister just saw me writing this and said I had to tell you that she loved it!.

In the end of my little review I have to say: 
Since I went vegan and became a raw mostly plant based based vegan I can taste the salt. I can smell it and I dislike too much of it. This is the matter with all kinds of tofu and soy made meat. I recognized it the most with the vegan bolognese  I once tried.
I have never been much of a meat eater and therefore I would not recommend to buy a stash of the meat weekly. Once every other month maybe if you celebrate something, have a cheat day or a birthday party.
Other than that, like I said for people that miss their meet but went vegan, go for it. It is much healthier than actual meat as well as it saves animals lives.

Until next time Darlings!

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