Presents in a Jar

Hello Everyone!  I have to say Pinterest is awesome in every way. I always get the best DIY projects from them. As you probably are we...

Hello Everyone! 

I have to say Pinterest is awesome in every way. I always get the best DIY projects from them. As you probably are well aware of it is soon to be Easter and we always get each other a little something for easter. It is always more than "just chocolates" but some thing little. So I looked around unsatisfied until I found the idea of the gift jars. I am probably one of the last people finding this way of presenting but as a student it is a cheap present that looks cute and pretty yet is the thoughtful something I was looking for as one can individualize it for ones needs. 
I just want to show what I have created and maybe enlighten you to a kind of present not just for easter but any occasion.

You won't even need much.

  • the presents you want to give for each person (ideas found beneath)
  • mason jars
  • easter gras
  • sweets
  • and stickers for labeling things to personalize the jar.

So I put the stickers on the glasses each and painted the names of the person I wanted to gift on it as well before you add the grass sweets and gift that will have to be arranged nicely before you close it. Done. Simple. Easy.

A Jar for Woman

For my mother and my best friend I had a little girly jar. I put two spring/ summer yankee candles in there as they love them so much. Also they got a little decorating rabbit as both complained they barely have Easter decorations.
Then I added my homemade lip balm as well as some mini chocolate Easter eggs.
My mother also got a new self made keychain as she really needed a new one and some Easter tea as well. 

Presents for Girls

Presents for Men

My stepdad is actually a real book worm. I always though I simply could get him a book. But after years of learning I finally understood that he already has every book I could possibly purchase.. This time I turned to tea and again. I got him some herbal tea he loves with a motivating line for optimists which is meant rather ironically but also loving because he always tries his best to please us kids and also got some read chinese tea flowers and made him a key chain as well which he already uses now. I put a dark chocolate Lindt Easter sheep and some mini eggs in there to.

My brother gets the "bar in a jar". For that as you can see you simply buy a coke or whatever soft drink one prefers and a mini alcoholic beverage. He also gets some eggs. I find this idea the cutest and it fits perfectly for my brothers needs. As a college student he is looking deep in glasses several days a week.

I know the post is a week too late but I need da break from thinking before school starts and I simply needed rest. This post was supposed to go online last week on thursday but I couldn't motivate myself to write as I also am planning a big party for this thursday. 
However this presents are not just for Easter. One can always make a present in a jar with different themes. If you are in need of an idea here are some. You can also make a make up/ beauty jar, cookie jar by putting all the ingredients in the jar. There is so much variety, I only postet my ones.
I hope you liked it and that I could give you some new ideas for upcoming birthdays, events where you simply need a little thoughtful present.

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